Miami Leadership Conference October 24th
Punta Cana Trip November 12th – 15th




How we do it.

Why direct marketing?

At Orlando Marketing Agency, we feel our face-to-face consultations give our customers the personal experience they are looking for when dealing with products and services.  Indirect marketing strategies are great ways to build brand recognition, but are also very expensive and difficult to measure and track results.  Direct marketing allows customers and clients to rely on industry professionals to spread the message of the product or service, creating a personal connection with the target market and gaining results in a timely manner.  We believe that all of our customers deserve a friendly face and a smile to represent some of the largest companies in the world.  We specialize in events and promotions, business to business, and business to consumer sales and marketing strategies.

Our investment in training our employees in multiple industries and skill sets combined with our “hire from within” philosophy offers great opportunities for career advancement.  Our clients are in need of our services in many new markets both nationally and internationally.  We offer training in areas such as consulting, management, sales, marketing, advertising, S.E.O., business development, and market research and analysis.  We also offer transferable skills training in areas such as leadership, interpersonal skills, communication, organization, time management, and public speaking, among many more.  Orlando Marketing Agency, Inc. believes that people are the future of the business world, so we plan investing in our employees to sustain and expand client relations.

Why customers choose us:

  • Discuss vision and goals
  • Develop a market and implement strategy
  • Launch campaign
  • Gain and measure results
Miami Leadership Conference October 24th
Punta Cana Trip November 12th – 15th